Monday, June 11, 2012

Today was the longest day of driving , so far. We drove from Amarillo to Lebanon, MO. We had so much driving planned for the day that we didn't make any stops other than for potty/stretch breaks and gas or food.
When it came time to find the hotel we had a little bit of confusion and took a wrong turn. Thank goodness for GPS but we did drive thru a backwoods neighborhood. We stumbled upon "old town" and drove by some shops and family stores.
Then we found the hotel we dropped off our things and ventured out to find dinner. So we didn't have a repeat of last night, LOL, we looked on Yelp for suggestions. We made a decision to go to Steak n Shake and OMG was it good! We sooooooooo need one of them back home!
Now as I sit here, writing this blog, I am watching the Kings hockey game. It's no Angels baseball but it will have to do. I am seriously going through some major baseball withdrawals.
Tomorrow is another long driving day but we will be in Michigan by night!!

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