Sunday, June 17, 2012

We have begun our journey home. We drove from Michigan to Springfield, MO. I was so excited because the route we took home brought us closer to the arches in St. Louis. They're so cool! I took alot of pictures. Other than that there wasn't much to see that we hadn't seen already. LOL I took a nap, read, etc. The kids did pretty well today. They caught up on sleep that I know that they have missed this last week.
We arrived at our hotel in Missouri and we were pleasantly surprised that there was a Cracker Barrel restaurant just across the parking lot. So, Jason chose this as his father's day dinner place. And all I can say is.... OMG! Finally a place that we have heard rave reviews about, lived up to the hype. We might have to go there one more time before we get home. It was so good!!
As I write this entry we are recalculating our route so I am unsure of where I will write you again. See you tomorrow from some place. :-)

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