Sunday, June 10, 2012

Today we finished off Arizona, drove all thru New Mexico and ended up in Amarillo, TX. In New Mexico, we stopped at some random Indian outpost. We walked around and found a couple of souvenirs. 
We got back on the road and drove, and drove, and drove! The freeway was pretty much 2 lanes until we hit Albuquerque but it didn't last long.
Once we got to Amarillo, we checked into our hotel . We showered and got changed and headed to dinner. We stopped at The Big Texan, a restaurant that we had seen on various food channel shows including Man Vs. Food. I am sad to report it was quite a let down.
We waited a few minutes for our table, which was to be expected. Once our order was taken it took probably about 20  minutes to get our food and with 2 kids that have been stuck in a car all day it felt like an eternity. Once our food arrived Jason's steak was way overcooked, to the point that it wasn't edible. You guys know how easy going we are and more times than not we would have just eaten it anyways. Well this time we had to send it back. After we waited another 15-20 minutes another steak was prepared and now this one was undercooked!! By this time we all had had enough, and he ate what he could. We paid the bill and left.
Sorry but I just needed to vent that! Rant over. LOL
After we got back to the room, we changed into our swimsuits and went swimming. It was good for the kids to get some energy out.
Tomorrow we will continue on and end up in Missouri. Good nite for now.

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